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Thank you, Warren Buffett, for making this video possible. Warren Buffett is the single most successful investor of the 21st century. My edit of JoJo's proposal flash mob dance to Bruno Mars Marry You at the Altitude Trampoline Park. That's what needs to get fixed, not the tax rates that Buffett largely isn't paying anyway.

I'd agree that his perspective is surely rose-colored by virtue of having stashed huge amounts of money out of the government's reach, but your original last paragraph looks a bit over the top to me. Are you sure that Buffett would object to weakening the tax protections of charities, and if so, do you know how strenuously he would fight it relative to other priorities?

You can also learn in great detail how they handle their relationships and other aspects of their lives, and what makes them tick. The truth is, if we want to figure out a way to raise taxes on the super rich like Buffett, we need to figure out a way to tax all that money that doesn't even show up on Buffett's tax return as income.

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In the meantime, Buffett's article should be seen for what it is - an attempt by him to raise taxes on people who have a lot less money than he does, so as to avoid such consequences for himself. Oppo F1 Plus Unboxing & Hands on Review, Camera, Features. Warren Buffett knows the power of motivation, he takes time every year to write to all of his CEOs that work for him to give them advice and reinforce his trust and confidence in them.

It just sits there on his personal balance sheet as unrealized capital gains until he dies and it goes to some nonprofit, never ever getting taxed. Divide $560 million by $50,000 million, and we have Buffett's real tax rate to date - not 17%, but just over 1%.

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